17 Best Blackhead Removal Masks to Combat Clogged Pores

17 Best Blackhead Removal Masks to Combat Clogged Pores

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As a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast who spends way too much time (and even more $$) researching new products and techniques to keep my skin thriving, I’m no stranger to beauty woes. Some skin concerns like the occasional breakout are remedied with a quick fix, like pimple patches. Others require doctor-approved prescriptions. However, blackheads are one of the more common pesky issues that can haunt you — no matter your skin type or texture. Despite the battle these blemishes put up, blackheads have a formidable opponent. Enter blackhead removal masks.

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lian Mack told Seventeen, “blackheads are acne caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells and oil.” If you were wondering how blackheads got their name, Dr. Mack explained, “the contents of a blackhead appear dark in color (when compared to a white head) because they are exposed to the air and oxidize as a result of this exposure. As such, blackheads are also called open comedones.”

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