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All About Eczema

All About Eczema

Eczema Gramercy NYC

If you have sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, dryness, redness, and flaking, eczema is a likely culprit.

Eczema is a chronic condition that’s due to a hypersensitive immune system and affects nearly 35 million Americans.

The good news is that there are a number of ways to reduce eczema flare-ups and alleviate symptoms.

Continue reading to learn all about eczema, including seven tips for prevention and treatment.

7 Tips for Managing Eczema

1. Receive a Proper Diagnosis

If you suspect that you have eczema, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist.

She will conduct a thorough patient history and exam to rule out other conditions and confirm an eczema diagnosis.

2. Stay Hydrated

When it comes to keeping flare-ups at bay, staying hydrated is of the utmost importance.

Accordingly, be sure to drink plenty of water and consume fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Apply the Right Moisturizer

In order to alleviate and prevent eczema symptoms, make sure that you are applying a thick, creamy moisturizer that is fragrance-free.

4. See Your Dermatologist for Prescription Medication

While many women and men attempt to treat their eczema with over-the-counter medications, your dermatologist can prescribe a topical anti-inflammatory or cortisone cream that is more potent and effective.

5. Identify and Avoid Eczema Triggers

Individuals often induce a flare-up or exacerbate symptoms by exposing themselves to certain irritants.

That’s why it’s essential to identify your specific triggers and avoid them.

Common eczema triggers include hot temperatures, wind, alcohol, spicy foods, harsh fabrics, sweat, and fragrances.

6. Take Baths

A bath lasting 10 minutes or less can help add water to the skin and improve hydration.

7. Control Sweat During Exercise

Due to its high salt content, sweat can make eczema worse.

Accordingly, you should use alcohol-free wipes to remove sweat as you exercise and be sure to shower immediately after your workout.

Learn More About Eczema

To learn more about diagnosing and treating eczema, please call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our highly-skilled and talented providers.

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