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What Is Baby Botox?

Many women and men considering Botox injections are concerned about maintaining a natural and expressive appearance.

Or they may feel as though they don’t really need wrinkle correction, but want to prevent lines from forming and worsening.

If this sounds like you, then baby Botox could be a safe, effective, and subtle solution.

So, what is baby Botox? How does it work? How is it different from a standard Botox treatment?

Continue reading to learn the answers to these questions, and what to expect should you decide to undergo baby Botox.

What Is Baby Botox?

Baby Botox is an injectable procedure designed to soften wrinkles and lines, while maintaining facial expression and movement.

The treatment is well-suited to Botox beginners seeking a conservative approach, younger patients that hope to stop wrinkles from developing or worsening, and anyone who wants very natural-looking neurotoxin results.

How Does Baby Botox Work?

Don’t let the “baby” part of baby Botox fool you. The treatment is almost identical to a standard Botox procedure, including the use of an FDA-approved Botox product.

The only difference is that baby Botox involves precisely placed micro-doses of Botox.

In other words, a patient undergoing this type of Botox would receive a smaller dose (approximately half of the units) compared to a traditional approach.

Exact dosage and number of units will vary from patient to patient, allowing for a highly-customizable neurotoxin treatment, with subtle, yet noticeable, outcomes.

What Can Patients Expect from Treatment?

In addition to wondering, “What is baby Botox?” you may also be curious about what to expect from the procedure itself.

Baby Botox is performed in the comfort of our office and usually takes 15-20 minutes.

This technique requires administering Botox as a series of strategically-placed injections in order to temporarily weaken muscles and relax lines.

Immediately after, patients are free to resume all normal activities, without any downtime or disruption to their day.

How Long Do Baby Botox Results Last?

The longevity of baby Botox depends on a number of factors including dose, muscle size and strength, and patient goals.

With that being said, baby Botox results tend to last for one-to-two months and require more frequent injections in order to maintain wrinkle-relaxation.

Learn More About Baby Botox

If you are considering baby Botox, call our office today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with one of our highly skilled and experienced injectors.

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