Did You Know: Your Cell Phone May Be Making Your Breakouts Even Worse

Did You Know: Your Cell Phone May Be Making Your Breakouts Even Worse

Cell Phone Breakouts!

It’s not something that many of us stop to think about often, but imagine how much bacteria, dirt and grime builds up on your cell phone.

Many people like to put their phones face down on surfaces like desks, dashboards and even bathroom counters. Sure, we’re protecting the screen of our phones, but what about our faces?

People who tend to battle facial acne in New York, or constantly break out in rashes may be unsure of why their skin is freaking out–but your precious smart phone could be the culprit.

GlamDerm’s own Dr. Lian Mack recently spoke with ESSENCE to provide her insight on how cell phones can irritate skin and also how to battle the breakouts.

Reason 1: Your Skin And Cell Phone Materials Don’t Mix

“These materials may cause an allergic reaction once they contact the dermis which usually manifests itself as an itchy, red rash,” said Dr. Mack.

Reason 2: Your Phone Is The Home of Bacteria

Dr. Mack states the most common bacteria that we find on our skin can fall into four major types which are, Propionibacterium acnes, Corynebacterium, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus.

While it is true that these bacteria are harmless in nature, our phones can also be carriers of bacteria.


“I recommend extractions routinely. In my office, we perform medical facials. We apply a detox gel, steam and then gently extract all of the oil from the pores,” said Dr. Mack.

Dr. Mack also gave her at-home recommendations for extractions.

“An oldie but goodie are Biore’s Deep Pore Cleansing Strips because they lift away impurities,” said Dr. Mack.

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