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Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser treatment, with minimal downtime, proven to combat the effects of aging and damaged skin.

After a series of treatments patients experience smoother skin with a healthy, radiant glow. Clear + Brilliant improves skin texture, reduces pore size, eliminates dullness and improves one’s overall skin tone.

This treatment is recommended for patients with acne prone skin, as it targets redness and discoloration associated with breakouts.

Post-procedure information and care

Patients should expect pinkness, and slight swelling (similar to a hive), and cayenne pepper-colored pinpoint specs for up to a week on the face, two weeks on the neck and chest, and two to six weeks on the arms and legs. Most patients do not experience pain after the procedure.

To care for your skin after treatment with the Clear + Brilliant please adhere to the following:

Use Aquaphor to moisturize your skin. Aquaphor will help to facilitate healing and add hydration. You may also use a mild moisturizer like Cetaphil.

Avoid the use of harsh soaps, exfoliants, brushes, or retinoids for at least one week.

Cleanse the skin twice a day with Cervae hydrating cleanser or Cetaphil.

Occasionally, tiny acne like bumps may develop on the lower third of the face. These bumps may be treated with a benzoyl peroxide or mild cortisone cream.