All About Dermal Fillers

All About Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers Gramercy

Not only do dermal fillers provide instant plumping, but they also offer patients a non-surgical way to correct lines and wrinkles, lift sagging skin, and regain a youthful fullness to their faces.

In fact, as interest in these cosmetic injectables continues to rise, individuals have more dermal filler options than ever before.

With so many choices, patients often wonder which filler product is right for them.

Keep reading to learn all about fillers and what you should know before undergoing injections.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are products that are injected into soft tissue to restore volume and natural fullness to the face.

While they can be comprised of a variety of substances, including poly-L-lactic acid, PMMA microspheres, and calcium hydroxylapatite, many are made of hyaluronic acid.

That’s because hyaluronic acid has a low risk of allergic reaction and can provide immediate volumizing and hydrating effects.

Is There Are Reason for so Many Different Filler Products?

Each patient has her or her unique concerns and goals, and now there are a variety of dermal fillers to create customized treatment plans.

That being said, thinner fillers work best for finer lines, sensitive areas, and subtle enhancement. While denser products are ideal when it comes to deeper wrinkles and folds.

Additionally, volumizing fillers, that are very thick, are used to correct significant volume depletion and skin laxity.

Do Fillers Provide Natural Results?

The purpose of dermal fillers is to restore the natural contours and fullness of the face that have been lost to aging.

Therefore, in the hands of a skilled and experienced injector, these cosmetic injectables can help patients look younger and refreshed without appearing overfilled or done. 

How Long to Fillers Effects Last?

Depending on the product, fillers effects can last six months to one-and-a-half or two years.

There’s also anecdotal evidence, that after a number of filler treatments, the body begins to produce more collagen, and patients can experience benefits longer than usual.

To learn more about dermal fillers, please contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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