Dr. Mack Discusses Growing Your Lashes

Dr. Mack Discusses Growing Your Lashes

Dr. Lian Mack was recently featured in an article at Forbes, discussing lash serums.

“Most people are good candidates for eyelash serums. However, individuals with blepharitis, an inflammatory condition of the conjunctiva, and dry eye should use eyelash serums with caution.”

Eye Lash Serum

“Latisse is the only FDA-approved lash growth treatment. Made of prostaglandin analogues, it prolongs the growth cycle of the lash resulting in thicker, longer lashes. Over the counter serums often contain antioxidants and peptides, which make lashes look fuller, but not thicker. For some, Latisse can cause eye redness, irritation, darkening of the skin on the eyelid, and an irreversible darkening of the iris or colored part of the eye.”

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