You might have heard of chemical peels. And while the option of looking brighter, younger, and more radiant with a few easy treatments sounds tempting — well, how easy is it? The term ‘chemical’ isn’t entirely reassuring.

No worries. The Glytone Lip and Eye Peel is a great solution for those interested in a targeted skin rejuvenation treatment–but want something gentle.

Lactic and Trichloroacetic Acids

The Glytone Lip and Eye Peel is generally best for sun damage. The acids used, lactic acid and trichloroacetic acid, are really best for targeting pigments.

Besides that, we’re talking dark circles around the eyes and fine lines around the mouth.

Glytone improves the tone and texture around the skin without causing excessive damage around the skin. Not only is it a lunchtime treatment–as in it can be done in thirty minutes or less–but the Glytone Eye Lip and Peel promises absolutely no downtime.

That’s not true for most chemical peels.

Am I a Good Candidate for Glytone Lip and Eye Peel?

The big question here is what specific issues you have, and what kind of results you’re looking for.

The fact of the matter is, more invasive treatments should generally be done after less invasive ones. If you’re looking for a specific effect — reducing sun damage, or getting rid of fine lines for example — then you should choose the gentlest treatment that achieves your goals.

If you’re looking for broader skin rejuvenation, a higher duty chemical peel or another skin rejuvenation treatment might be more appropriate. It really depends on your specific goals.

Overall, the Glytone Eye Lip and Peel is another product that feels a specific niche in the Skin Rejuvenation spectrum.

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