A Man’s Guide to Facials

Facials for Men New York

While a bar of Dove soap may have once been an acceptable daily regimen, most men now realize that achieving healthy and attractive skin requires additional care and consideration.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that more male patients are seeking regular medical facials to complement their new and improved skincare routines or to prepare for an event or special occasion.

Before booking that first facial appointment, men may wonder what to expect from the session.

Here are five tips for your first facial.

1. The Process Is Usually Straight Forward and Can Target Specific Skin Concerns

Most male facials last 30 minutes and include five steps: Cleansing the skin, analyzing problem areas, exfoliating dead skin cells, extracting build-up from clogged pores, and restoring moisture and hydration to the skin.

To target acne, signs of aging, and dry skin, a 50-minute facial can address these concerns.

2. Men’s Skin Needs Appropriate Care Just as Much, If Not More, Than Women’s Skin

Men tend to have larger pores, and their skin is usually oilier, thicker, and more prone to acne compared to women. Therefore, a facial is often essential to achieving clear, even, and glowing skin.

Aesthetic experts advise male clients view facial appointments as part of self-care similar to exercise, healthy eating, and sleep hygiene.

Man Facial New York3. Cleaner Skin Means a Closer Shave

Another reason that men should take time for a facial is for its follicular benefits.

Professional exfoliation and extractions can help release ingrown hairs and reduce dead skin cells that often interfere with a smooth shave.

4. A Series of Facials Can Help Your Skin Look Its Best for an Event or Special Occasion

Just as you wouldn’t start a diet one week before an event and expect dramatic results, serious facial benefits can take time and repetition.

It’s recommended to begin a series of treatments three-to-six months in advance, with the last facial being one-to-two weeks before the big day.

5. Signs That Your Facial Was a Success

Many men wonder if they’ll be able to see a noticeable difference in their skin after a facial.

After one-to-two treatments, patients report that their skin is brighter, smoother, and more hydrated and can recognize the importance of facials as part of their skincare routine.

To learn more about facials and skincare for men, please call GlamDerm today to schedule a consultation.

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