Needle Free Botox? The Latest Advancement in Botulinium Toxin.

Needle Free Botox? The Latest Advancement in Botulinium Toxin.

With Thanksgiving, literally, under our belts, we have been reminded of all the things we are thankful for. We have thought about how thankful we are for our loved ones, our health, and the chance to make each day better than the next.

Although most of us are thankful for a number of things in our lives, most of us are not so thankful for our glabellar (frown) lines, crow’s feet, or forehead wrinkles.
Do you wish there was a way to safely reduce your unwanted wrinkles without the discomfort of a needle? That dream may soon be a reality with Revance’s Topical Botox!

Imagine being able to walk into your dermatologist’s office, point out your problem areas, lay back and relax as he or she gently rubs topical botulinum toxin onto your problem areas. Revance claims that it may really be that easy!

Revance is currently conducting Phase III of their clinical trials on topical Botox. They have created a way for the botulinum toxin to seep through the stratum corneum (the dead layer of skin on the surface), dive through the epidermis, and finally reach the dermis where the Botox molecule works its magic. Revance was able to do this by basically tricking the skin. The botulinum toxin was disguised within another molecule so that the body accepts the molecule instead of rejecting it.

While the product is not yet available, if you are a needle phobic patient longing for a needle free solution to treat your persistent wrinkles, this may be a viable option. Hopefully by Thanksgiving of next year, topical Botox may be something we all can add to our list of things to be thankful for!

Until next time – Continue to Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful!

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