Salicyclic Peel

The salicylic peel is possibly the gentlest peel there is. After all, salicylic acid is the ingredient used in most acne medications–and salicylic peels are generally used in order to achieve results in fighting acne.

When would you go for a salicylic acid peel versus another chemical peel? Here’s the basic gist of it.

The Lightest of Peels

Salicylic acid is not going to have as dramatic of an effect as something like TCA. But, salicylic acid is purely a lunchtime peel, unlike TCA, which can be applied to medium depth–and have a week in downtime.

Salicylic acid has a more superficial effect, but can extremely effective if the patient has issues with acne.

This means you might choose to do a salicylic acid peel if you’re looking for a chemical peel that’s even lighter than TCA, or if you’re suffering from acne, which can interact badly with heavier chemical peels.

Should I Choose This or a Different Chemical Peel?

In general, patients are advised to try less invasive treatments first to see if they’ll achieve the results that they want.

Results with a salicylic acid peel are subtle, so if a patient is looking for dramatic results, they might want to go with the more conventional TCA peel. However, if they’re really interested in a more subtle effect from a lunchtime facial, then salicylic acid is a great choice.

If a patient is unsure about chemical peels and wants to give them a shot, then salicylic acid, as the gentlest peel, might be the place to start. It won’t get rid of wrinkles or sun damage, but it can give you that radiant and glowy look.

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