TCA Peel Gramercy

Remember–chemical peels are a broad class of treatments. There’s no ‘one’ chemical peel, the same way there’s not a ‘single’ laser.

For those of us looking to get a chemical peel, this can leave us stuck. There are so many different acids out there (which is sort of scary) and we don’t know which one we want to put on our face!

So where does TCA, also known as trichloracetic acid, fall in the order of peels?

The Gentlest Form of Skin Rejuvenation

TCA is very gentle. Not quite as gentle as salicyclic acid–an ingredient you’ll find in over the counter acne products — but still very gentle.

In general, TCA is used for superficial to medium peels. While TCA is associated with very gentle peels, actually, it’s not just the chemical that counts in the ‘depth’ of the peel, but how the medical professional applies it.

A superficial peel, also known as a lunchtime peel, will only take 30 minutes and won’t have any downtime. A medium peel, using TCA, will have downtime.

TCA is very popular for treating sun damage because it’s good at treating tissue affected by pigmentation.

TCA also tends to be very cost effective for covering large swaths of the body.

All these together make TCA a great product.

Does a TCA Peel Hurt?

Probably the first question that makes sense to ask with regards to a chemical peel is whether it hurts or not. Patients who’ve had TCA peels do report stinging sensations, but these are more ‘uncomfortable’ than ‘painful.’

Furthermore, a cooling fan is used to aid patient comfort.

Results should come in fast. With a medium peel, some downtime will occur, and peeling will occur for about a week.

Want to know more about receiving a TCA peel in Gramercy, New York versus other chemical peels? Call GlamDerm today to find out more information and schedule your appointment.

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