Ultherapy for Men: How to Firm Your Face and Neck Without Surgery

Ultherapy for Men: How to Firm Your Face and Neck Without Surgery

Ultherapy for Men New York

Ultherapy for Men in New York

Men may look in the mirror and notice that their skin is less firm than they would like, but are hesitant to undergo a facelift to address these concerns.

Fortunately, Ultherapy is a non-invasive and FDA-approved treatment that lifts skin on the face, brow, and neck without the downtime and risks associated with surgery.

What Is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is an excellent treatment option for men with mild to moderate skin laxity that want to restore facial firmness and look younger.

It initiates the body’s own collagen production for a natural and refreshed appearance.

How Does Ultherapy Work?

The device focuses ultrasound energy at precise depths and temperatures to heat the deeper layers of the skin.

This thermal application causes a regenerative response that boosts elasticity to lift the skin on the face, neck, and brow.

Why Are Men Good Candidates for This Treatment?

Many aesthetic experts recommend Ultherapy as a restorative and proactive approach to aging in men. This treatment does not involve any incisions, sutures, anesthesia, or recovery time and can delay or prevent the need for a facelift later in life.

Male patients especially appreciate the subtle and gradual improvement in their skin and that no one can tell that they’ve any work done.

What to Expect From an Ultherapy Procedure?

Treatment time can range from one-to-three hours depending on the number of areas being targeted.

During the procedure, the provider uses Ultherapy’s DeepSEE hand piece and transducers to visualize the patient’s underlying facial anatomy to customize his treatment.

Based on this imaging, energy is delivered at precise temperatures and depths in a series of pulses that are also referred to as lines.

Does Ultherapy Hurt?

Patient sensitivity to Ultherapy can vary and most describe it as a quick pricking sensation.

Depending on your pain threshold, you can discuss oral anesthetics with your provider prior to treatment.

Ultherapy Recovery and Results

Because Ultherapy is able to penetrate to the dermis without affecting the outer layers of skin, it has no downtime. Patients may appear slightly red after treatment, and mild bruising may occur.

Results may be seen as early as one-to-two months post-procedure and continue to gradually improve over a six-month period. Many patients find that their Ultherapy effects last 2 years, at which time, they may return for a maintenance treatment.

To restore firmness to your face, brow, and neck with Ultherapy in New York, please call GlamDerm today to schedule an appointment.

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